ABR Festival: The best place to shop for motorcycle gear

Find hundreds of the world’s leading motorcycle and adventure brands, all in one place, only at the ABR Festival 2024.

It can be hard to admit (especially to the better half) but us bikers love buying new motorcycle gear.

ABR Festival ticket holder inspecting a pair of motorcycle gloves

Whether it’s a shiny new helmet, a textile jacket, a pair of adventure boots, or some touring gear for that trip of a lifetime – getting new kit is always a thrill.

That’s why the ABR Festival 2024 is the perfect place for you to be if you’re looking to gear-up for your next adventure.

Motorcycle exhibitors at the ABR Festival 2023

We’ll have hundreds of the world’s leading motorcycle and adventure brands, all in one place. Think of it as a one-stop-shop with the latest motorcycle accessories, clothing, luggage and hardware to choose from.

It really is bikers’ paradise…

ABR Festival ticket holder trying on a pair of riding pants

Speak to the industry experts

With all the different riding gear out there, we know it’s not always easy to pick what you need, or how much of your hard-earned cash to part with.

So, to help you navigate the labyrinth of options, there’ll be a small army of industry and gear experts on hand too.

Klim staff helping a customer with a motorcycle jacket

They’ll be ready and waiting to offer you their guidance and advice, ensuring that you not only leave with some quality kit, but what you do buy is what’s best for you and your biking needs.

Colleague from Bridgestone helping a customer at the ABR Festival 2023 with tyres

Try and test the kit

We’ve all been there. Ordering some kit online, only to wait a few days to realise that it’s not quite right. Well, you can say goodbye to those trips to the post office for those pesky returns.

Each brand at the ABR Festival 2024 will be bringing oodles of gear for you to see, feel and test out, meaning you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you buy.

Merlin stand with helmets and boots on show

There’ll be different products to suit all budgets too, so you might even be able to snatch yourself a bargain or two as well.

Want to see the type of gear you’ll be able to get your hands on at this year’s ABR Festival? Scroll down to find out more.

Or, head over to our exhibitor page to see which brands you be able to shop with HERE

Motorcycle Gear You’ll Find This Year’s ABR Festival

1. Adventure Motorcycle Clothing

Whether you’re planning on a backcountry expedition in a far-flung land or a month-long tour of Europe, it’s crucial to have the right motorcycle clothing.

At the ABR Festival, there’ll be a huge range of helmets, jackets, trousers, and boots from manufacturers such as Mosko Moto, Klim, and Alpinestars as well as stands from distributors such as Adventure Bike Shop and Mega Motorcycle Store.

You’ll be able to try the bike gear you’ve got your eye on and find the perfect fit.

Richa motorcycle jackets on display

2. Luggage

A selection of Kriega bags on display

Whether you prefer soft luggage or hard luggage, there’ll be a massive selection of panniers, top boxes, and soft bags to select from to find the perfect bike luggage.

You’ll be able to compare, test and grab a great price from luggage manufacturers such as Touratech, Kriega, and Mosko Moto, and find the motorbike luggage that suits your needs.

3. Tyres

Choosing the right bike tyres is critical, as for the vast majority of the time while riding they’re your only point of contact with the road.

So, get the ‘best at the ABR Fest’ with the highest quality road, off-road and dual (50/50) tyres for adventure and touring bikes with brands such as Bridgestone and Dunlop on hand to help you choose the perfect pair.

Bridgestone motorcycle tyres on display

4. Parts

Ohlins suspension on display at the ABR Festival

If you’re spending a lot of time on your bike, it’s worth getting the most out of it.

Upgrades to components such as suspension and brakes, and accessories like crash bars and skid plates allow you to take your bike to the very ends of the Earth, as well as improving your riding experience dramatically.

Suppliers such as Ohlins and Rugged Roads will be able to advise you on the perfect upgrades to whatever bike you have, and you’ll be able to draw upon the wisdom of seasoned veterans and professionals for tips on upgrading your motorbike.

5. Accessories

There’s always room for more accessories to improve your riding experience and make life on the road just that little bit easier.

For finding your way across Europe, why not take a look at SatNavs like a Garmin zumo, and if you’re riding through rain and fog, try a Visin heated visor.

Keep on top of your bike maintenance with a Scottoiler automatic chain lubricator and pick up a In&motion airbag to protect yourself if the worst happens.

There’ll be thousands of motorbike accessories to discover, so if you’ve ever thought of something that could make your ride better, chances are you’ll find it at the ABR Festival 2024.

Motorcycle parts and tools for sale at the ABR Festival 2024

Weekend Tickets On Sale Now

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