Europe’s Largest

Adventure Bike Festival


“It’s like Glastonbury but with motorbikes and posh toilets.”

Gabriel John, ABR Festival 22 Visitor


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    Held in the stunning grounds of the Ragley Hall Estate, Warwickshire, on the weekend of 23-25 June 2023, the Adventure Bike Rider Festival is the ultimate weekend motorcycle event. It’s where thousands of likeminded riders all come together to make new memories and friends and experience a weekend of great entertainment, riding, and food and drink. Everyone shares a common interest and bikes are the glue that forms unbreakable bonds, memories, and experiences.

    Visitors to the ABR Festival consistently say that it’s one of, if not the, best festival they’ve been to. Across the weekend you can take part in a host of on and off bike activities (all included in your ticket price) including live music, rideouts, masterclass sessions, off-road tuition, and much more. It’s been described as ‘Glastonbury with motorbikes’, and we’ll not argue with that.

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    discover the abr festival

    a weekend of great Entertainment

    Fancy riding the Adventure Trail in the morning, catching a masterclass session before lunch and then listening to Led Zeppelin live? OK, we didn’t quite manage to get hold of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, but last year’s visitors will tell you that the ABR Festival music lineup is a highlight of the weekend. The lineup for 2023 will be announced soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the big announcement.

    Away from the main stage, you can enjoy acoustic sets on the campfire stage, and talks and demonstrations from the biggest names in adventure motorcycling.

    Ride the 20km-long ax41 adventure trail

    There aren’t many places in the UK where you can ride 20km of uninterrupted trails, but at the ABR Festival you can. Take your big adventure bike off-road on a purpose-built route and experience the thrill of riding a long and varied trail.

    Ragley Hall Adventure Bike Rider Festival

    Adventure in a special location

    The ABR Festival is so much more than another bike rally in a muddy field. Ragley Hall is a special location with stunning grounds in the heart of England. The magnificent great hall will form the backdrop for the weekend, while the spectacular grounds give you the feeling of being in your own world. Combine this with first-class facilities like plenty of posh, regularly cleaned toilets and hot showers, and you’ve got a festival experience fit for a king or queen.

    meet adventure biking legends

    Ignite that spark inside you which could lead to your next greatest adventure by hearing from those who have done it themselves. Our extensive guest speaker lineup is here to help you get inspired, learn more about two-wheeled adventures, be entertained, and meet your adventure motorcycling heroes.

    be part of something special

    It’s a powerful feeling when thousands of people with a common interest get together. At the ABR Festival it’s a love of two wheels which binds each and every one of us, and it leads to an atmosphere like no other. Make new friends and riding buddies, create new memories that’ll last a lifetime, and become part of the friendliest community in biking.

    test ride the latest adventure and touring bikes

    At the ABR Festival, every major adventure motorcycle manufacturer will be there with one purpose: to let you ride their new bikes. By riding the latest motorcycles in one location, you can be sure you’re making the right decision when you next come to upgrade your ride.

    Experience the ABR Arena

    The kit you choose can make or break an adventure. At the ABR Festival, you’ll find the biggest and best adventure motorcycling brands in one place, all there to help you make the best choices for your next big trip. It’s your opportunity to speak to industry experts and get the right gear to make your next big adventure a success.

    Elsewhere in the ABR Arena, you’ll find community competitions, including the legendary Slow Bike Race, over 50 tasty street food stalls, a selection of bars, plenty of seating, and a great, friendly atmosphere.

    the three pillars of the abr festival

    It wasn’t that long ago that the Adventure Bike Rider Festival was a small gathering of like-minded friends in a farmers field near Stratford upon Avon. I can even recall the year when we cooked everyone a burger and bacon roll when the sole catering van decided he had something better to do elsewhere. The good old days, eh.

    Having decided to expand the Adventure Bike Rider Festival, we were only going to host a festival that we’d want to go to ourselves and it had to retain the feel of a ‘gathering of like-minded friends’.

    With that in mind the ABR Festival was going to be inclusive. Our mantra has always been it doesn’t matter what bike you ride, it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or novice and it does not matter wether your travel experience is UK only or you’ve ridden to the Mongolian Steppe. All are welcome and the only requirement is that you have a great time.

    I also wanted to show and demonstrate respect for everyone who comes to an ABR Festival and that includes you, the rider, and exhibitors from the motorcycle industry. And that’s why the Three Pillars of the ABR Festival are so important. Underpinning everything we do are three requirements: a Grade A location, first-class personal facilities (especially toilets), and an event where you don’t get charged the earth for basics.

    When you come to the Adventure Bike Rider Festival, you have my guarantee of the following:

    • The Ragley Hall Estate is a premium, grade-A venue and you’ll feel special as soon as you ride through the gates. It is a location that pays respect to us all and we can all be proud to call home for a weekend.
    • The toilets and shower facilities will always be top quality and there’ll be plenty of them. In other words posh loos that are regularly cleaned and attended, and hot showers.
    • There will always, always be a pint of good beer on offer at a great price.

    All the ABR staff and I look forward to welcoming you to the ABR Festival at the magnificent Ragley Hall in June 2023.

    Best Regards

    Alun Davies
    Founder of ABR