Are there on site medics?
Yes, there is a team of fully qualified on-site paramedics/medics working at the festival based in the medical tent in the ABR Arena.
What happens if I have an accident when riding the adventure trail?
Accident procedure is discussed HERE. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer injury, then fully qualified paramedics will be riding the trail so you will receive medical help as soon as possible. Alternatively, medics can be despatched from the medical tent to assess your injuries on location and may transport you back to the medical tent in a 4WD vehicle or onsite ambulance.
Is there an ambulance on site?
Yes, there is an ambulance on site available for patient care and a second ambulance on site which is also available for transportation to hospital for urgent/ life threatening cases.
What happens if I need to go to hospital?
If you sustain an injury for any reason and require hospital care there is an onsite ambulance which can transport from the event to hospital, however injuries are assessed on an urgency basis, so transportation is not guaranteed. It may be a case of arranging own transport or waiting for an NHS ambulance.
What happens if my bike gets seriously damaged when riding the trail?
If your bike is un-rideable then there is a trail bike rescue service provided which will take your bike back to the Information point in the ABR Arena. It can wait there for collection and ABR staff will assist as much as possible, although it is your responsibility to organise breakdown recovery for your bike. If break down recovery doesn’t happen before ABR has vacated the venue, ABR staff will arrange transportation of your bike to the local ABR offices where it can be kept securely until collected.
What happens to my stuff if I’m in hospital?
Any clothing medical staff remove will be left with ABR staff and they will await instructions from yourself or a member of your party in regards to it’s collection. Any camping gear can be removed by your party and if ABR staff are required to help with storage or collection they will do so.
Is there on-site security?
Yes, there is a security team operating 24/7 during live event including dog team patrols, although it is still recommended that all equipment, vehicles and personal items are kept secure for the duration of the event.