What Our Visitors Had To Say

We’re always talking about how the ABR Festival is the greatest celebration of adventure biking the UK’s ever seen, I guess we would say that wouldn’t we?

Well, you don’t just have to take our word for it. We constantly get visitors saying that it’s one of, if not the, best festival they’ve ever been to. So, we’ve decided to share some of the amazing comments we’ve received from past visitors here for you to see.

“We had a great time and the vibe was fantastic, everyone looked like they were having a fun time. Couldn’t fault it, we can’t wait to book for next year.

Micheal Curtis, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“I attended the ABR Festival this year and it was the best organised event I have been to. I had a great time.

Chris Roberts, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“Thank you for an amazing first experience of the ABR Festival. I ordered my 2023 tickets as soon as they were available.

Ramon Figuerola, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“I just wanted to say the event is the true highlight of the calendar. Everyone I’ve spoken to couldn’t praise the event and organisation enough.

Chris Richardson, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“It’s like Glastonbury but with motorbikes and posh toilets.”

Gabriel John, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“What an amazing weekend!”

Scott Mcvey, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“Well done for a brilliantly organised festival.”

Fiona Mac, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“What an absolutely brilliant festival. As many people have said, it’s becoming the Glastonbury of biking events”

Paul Cowsill, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“What an amazingly well managed event. Truly Glastonbury for adventure bike riders”

Mark Carey, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“We really enjoyed our first Adventure Bike Rider Festival – such a beautiful location and atmosphere.”

Anna Brons, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

I had an awesome time at the ABR Festival, absolutely fantastic! I’ve just purchased my tickets for 2023!

Baba Ojo, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“Bikes, great food , music, not too commercial, and very clean facilities – brilliant.”

Joe Scholes, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“This is my first festival and I was completely blown away! Everything was incredibly good. Spot on – I enjoyed it to the max.”

Dragomir Erev, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“We had a brilliant time for our first attendance at this event. Simply brilliant. We are booked for next year for all days again.”

Peter Rowland, ABR Festival 22 Visitor


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Toilets & Showers

We can’t stress this enough that just because you’re at a festival, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hot shower and a bathroom break in a clean, serviced toilet. Here’s what our visitors thought of the cleanliness and standards of facilities on offer at the ABR Festival…

“The toilets were defo a highlight! I will be there in 2023 for sure.

Emma Hart, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“I came to the festival this year – fantastic loos and showers. Keep up the good work!

Mike Walker, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“Thank you for the quality of every facility, they were incredible compared to any other festival I’ve attended.

Chisholm Blackett, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“Fantastic event, all the facilities were spot on, always clean and topped up with bog roll!”

Kai Samlofski, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“The facilities were 10/10. I’ve never been to a festival where the toilets and shower blocks was so clean and welcoming!”

Grant Roughley, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“A big shout out especially to the folks who kept the loos serviced all weekend – it’s my biggest festival fear, but they were great!”

Elaine Stokes, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“I’ve attended where there was never a queue for the toilets.”

Caroline Knightley, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“The toilets/showers were always clean and tidy.”

Craig Ratcliffe, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“There were always clean toilets and hot showers, without queuing.”

Jeki Sepappe, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“They were the cleanest toilets I’ve ever seen at an event!”

Dawn Howard, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“I’ve never been to a festival that’s so well organised, it was so well laid out and with so many excellent facilities.”

Chris Blackett, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“I could tell you guys thought of every last detail, especially the lovely clean toilets.”

Millie King, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“The event was so well organised and managed, clean facilities and set in some amazing grounds.”

Dan Daniel, ABR Festival 22 Visitor


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Food & Drink

A weekend of riding is sure to work up an appetite, so we’ve created a Street Food Market and bar area with plenty of hand-picked vendors. Here’s what our visitors thought of what was on offer…

“I was amazed at the amount of different food carts available.

Ian Mounce, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“There was plenty of choice for food, and minimal queues for drink. Fantastic!”

Craig Ratcliffe, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“The food and drink facilities were easy to find and the choices were amazing.”

Jason Mugridge, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“I’ve never been to a festival so well organised, so well laid out and with so many excellent food and drink facilities. ”

Chris Blackett, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“This was my first time at ABR, and I was blown away with the venue. The atmosphere was great, from food stalls to bands, you couldn’t have wanted more.”

Neil Collinson, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“Extremely well organised with a huge choice of food stalls. There were barely an queues at the bars.”

Matt Cooper, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“Food, music and overall set up was amazing. Blown away with the offering and organisation.”

Tommy O’Neill, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“Great food and bar facilities – brilliant.”

Adam Cooper, ABR Festival 22 Visitor


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While riding is at the heart of the ABR Festival, having a great time out of the saddle is just as important. The Main Stage is the centre of the ABR Festival live music experience and was one of the highlights for our visitors over the weekend.

“The live music over the weekend was absolutely awesome. Roll on 2023.

Philip Small, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“My feet are still aching from all of the dancing – what a weekend.”

Janet Donahue, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“The music stage was better than ever. A fantastic weekend.”

James Askew, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“It was like the 1970 Reading Rock Festival; all the classic bands were on show. ”

Yan Varey, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“There was such an incredible atmosphere at the live stage, everyone was there to enjoy themselves.”

Rob Pitcher, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“It was such a great weekend of live music, the festival had it all. The live stage had some of the best tribute bands I’ve ever seen, but you could also find something a little slower paced in the acoustic tents. Bravo.”

Emily Matthews, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“The Magic Teapot was one of the highlights of my weekend. An old fashioned sing-along, and a free mug of tea.”

Will Fielding, ABR Festival 22 Visitor

“For me, it was the atmosphere at the live music stage that made it – the crowd was amazing.”

Amy O’Donnell, ABR Festival 22 Visitor


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Stars of Adventure Biking

You’ve heard from last year’s visitors, but what do some of the biggest stars of the adventure biking world say about the ABR Festival? Read on to find out…

“Man, phenomenal. It’s been an absolute blast, a total treat. Everyone has been so lovely and I’m having an absolute ball.”

RyanF9, Motorcycle YouTube Star

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is my favourite bike event. I feel alive being here; there’s good energy, great people, a real buzz – I love it.”

Vanessa Ruck (The Girl On A Bike), Motorcycle Adventurer & Content Creator

“Unbelievable. A brilliant event, it’s been amazing. The bands for me are what make it; the motorbikes are pretty good too.”

The Missenden Flyer, Motorcycle YouTube Star

“It’s been absolutely fantastic, I’ve loved it. It’s a really nice atmosphere, everyone I’ve spoken to have said it’s been such an amazing event.”

Elspeth Beard, Adventure Biking Icon

“The whole festival has been an absolute blast for us – the atmosphere has been great. There really is something for everyone.”

Lisa & Simon Thomas (2 Ride The World), RTW Adventure Bikers

“Wow. It’s a proper buzz here – there’s a great vibe without a doubt.”

Billy Ward, Motorcycle Adventurer

“It’s been amazing. This is my first time here in the UK and being able to meet so many adventure riders in one spot has been brilliant.”

Candida Louis, RTW Adventure Traveller

“What an absolutely massive event – I can’t believe how many adventure riders have come. We’re all having a great time.”

Lyndon Poskitt, Adventurer & Star of Races to Places

“The event was a brilliant success, everyone involved should be very proud.”

Austin Vince, Adventure Bike Film Maker


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