Motorcyclist riding a Honda CRF on the adventure trail

Get your trail riding fix on the all-new TRF Trail, an 8km-long all-bike leisure riding loop.

We are excited to announce the launch of a new trail at the ABR Festival 2023, the TRF Trail.

Created and designed in collaboration with the Trail Riders Fellowship, this 8 km-long route will be open to all bikes and provide a more advanced riding challenge than the big-bike-friendly Bridgestone Adventure Trail.

Trail motorcycle on the adventure trail at the ABR Festival

Located on-site at the ABR Festival, the TRF Trail will replace Little London as this year’s all-bike offering, giving riders of all bikes the opportunity to enjoy riding at Ragley Hall.

Snaking its way through the magnificent Ragley Hall Estate for 8km, the TRF Trail will take you over a series of climbs, descents, water crossings, and features like the ‘Bog of Doom’, ‘Swamp Man’, and ‘Woodland Wonderland’.

TRF Trail announcement video with ABR Festival founder Alun Davis

TRF Trail Map

Whilst the new TRF Trail is shorter than the big-bike-friendly Bridgestone Adventure Trail (which has been lengthened this year to over 30km), it has been specifically designed with fun and more challenging riding in mind.

The loop will be open to all road legal motorcycles but will be ideally suited to smaller trail bikes or to individuals with considerable off-road riding experience.

A pair of motorcyclists riding through a water crossing on the adventure trail at the Adventure Biker Rider festival.

To access the TRF Trail, you’ll need an Adventure Trail pass (which can be purchased via the ABR Festival ticket page HERE for £15) and a road legal bike with off-road capable tyres.

The trail will be located on-site, so you won’t need to ride far before you find yourself navigating the most technical riding at the festival.

Adventure Trail Passes On Sale Now

To access the TRF Trail, an Adventure Trail pass and an ABR Festival Day or Weekend Ticket is required. Adventure Trail passes and festival tickets can be purchased from the ABR website for just £15.

This will give you unlimited access to the festival’s on-site trails. Please remember that competition-derived motorcycles will not be permitted on the Bridgestone Adventure Trail, but trail bikes will be able to enjoy the TRF Trail when ridden responsibly.

Trail tickets are limited in number, with over 80% now sold. With the pace at which they’ve been selling, it’s possible they could sell out within a matter of weeks, so get yours now to avoid disappointment.

  • Which bikes will be allowed on the TRF Trail?

All road legal bikes, with appropriate off-road focused tyres, can ride the TRF Trail.

  • Can anyone ride the TRF Trail?

Anyone with a road legal bike, fitted with appropriate off-road focused tyres will have access to the TRF Trail. Please note, the TRF Trail will feature technical terrain that some visitors may find challenging. It is recommended that only riders with significant off-roading experience ride the TRF Trail. An Adventure Trail pass is required to access the TRF Trail.

  • Will I need specific tyres to ride the TRF trail?

Yes, off road focused or knobby tyres are required.

  • Will my Adventure Trail pass give me access to the TRF Trail?

Yes, an Adventure Trail pass will give you full access to the main Bridgestone Adventure Trail and the TRF Trail. An Adventure Trail pass can be purchased via the ABR Festival ticket page for £15.

  • How do I access the TRF Trail?

The TRF Trail can be accessed via the festival drive, located a short distance through the main entrance gates on the left-hand side.

  • What is the speed limit on the TRF Trail?

Strict speed limits are in place on both the Bridgestone Adventure Trail and the TRF Trail. There is a 30mph speed limit on all open parts of the trail, but riders are asked to always ride at appropriate and safe speeds. A zero tolerance on speeding and anti-social riding is in place – repeat offenders will be asked to leave the ABR Festival.

  • Do I need specialist equipment to ride the TRF Trail?

As a minimum, all riders are required to wear a helmet and motorcycle boots. It is also recommended riders where appropriate additional safety gear when riding the trails.

  • How long is the TRF Trail?

The TRF Trail is a 5mile / 8km loop