Bridgestone tyres

The ABR Festival 2024 is just a month away (and tickets have almost sold out). If you’re planning on riding the on-site trails, including the 40 km-long Bridgestone Trail, it’s highly recommended that you fit off-road-ready tyres on your adventure bike so you can confidently tackle the dirt.

If you haven’t yet sorted out your motorcycle with off-road tyres, now’s the time to do so, and here’s the perfect opportunity for you to claim a bonus gift along with your new rubber.

Bridgestone is currently offering a great deal where you can choose three of four free accessories when you purchase a set of Battlax Adventurecross AX41 tyres from participating dealers. These aren’t just throwaway trinkets either.

You’ll be able to choose any three of these: a 50l waterproof roll bag, a pro tool kit, a battery charger, or a garage mat, so if you’ve been looking for luggage for your next adventure or tools to work on your bike with, you’re in luck.

The ideal tyre for the ABR Festival’s Bridgestone Trail

You won’t need full-on knobblies to ride around the Bridgestone Trail – anything from an 80/20 road to off-road bias and greater is fine. There are so many tyres out there to choose from, but the Bridgestone Battlax AX41s are great tyres for the terrain you’ll encounter at the festival.

There’s a mix of vast, open grassland trails, dusty logging tracks, gravel roads, and muddy craters to ride, so tyres like the AX41s that can handle a variety of conditions and offer plenty of grip are necessary to get the most out of your ABR Festival riding experience.

While you can purchase and fit tyres at the festival, availability will be limited, and it could be a time-consuming affair, so it’s worth getting them fitted to your bike beforehand. This will allow you to run them in, get used to how they perform on the road and the trail before the event, and make sure you arrive at Ragley Hall fully festival-ready.

So, this is a great opportunity to get the right tyres and claim three fantastic free gifts for your next adventure. Simply head to a participating dealer before the ABR Festival (you can find the list of dealers here), get your tyres, and enjoy your gifts.

And if you’re yet to get your ABR Festival 2024 tickets, some are still available for purchase, but they’re selling out quickly. Get yours today while there’s still time by clicking here.

Tickets Almost Sold out

Now’s your last chance to join us, along with thousands of other riders, for an adventure of a lifetime. Weekend tickets are over 90% sold out which mean’s there’s not much time left to secure your spot.

The ABR Festival 2024 (28-30 June) will be an adventure biking paradise with so much to see and do across the weekend. Tickets are still available for only £159, which gives you three days of incredible riding and entertainment, including two nights of camping, within the magnificent Ragley Hall Estate. Buy yours today by clicking the button below.

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