Bridgestone Trail rules: Which bikes?

Is my bike allowed on the Bridgestone Trail?

If you haven’t already done so, please read this post titled ‘Bridgestone Trail rules for 2024’.

To exclude enduro bikes from the Bridgestone Trail and maintain insurance and public liability cover we have to be able to provide a ‘hard’ definition of what best describes an enduro bike.

After consultation, by far the best (but not perfect) description is: An enduro bike is a competition-ready off-road bike that doesn’t have pillion footpegs fitted at the factory.

We are well aware that there are certain bikes that don’t come out of the factory with pillion pegs fitted but are clearly not enduro bikes. Our intention is not to arbitrarily ban solo travel bikes or classic trail bikes and with that in mind below you’ll see a list of bikes without factory fitted pillion footpegs that will be allowed on the Bridgestone Trail. If you have any queries as to the status of your bike, please email [email protected].

Bikes allowed on the Bridgestone Trail

All bikes that leave the factory with pillion footpegs as standard, plus:

(All other road legal bikes with off-road capable tyres will be allowed to ride on the TRF Trail. Find out more about that here.)

  • CCM GP450
  • CCM 404
  • CCM MT230
  • AJP PR 7
  • Yamaha TTR (all models)
  • Suzuki DR (all models)
  • Honda XR (all models)
  • Honda CRF-L series
  • Honda CRF300 Rally (and 250 Rally)
  • Kove 450