In need of some inspiration for your next adventure? There’s no better way to fuel your wanderlust than at ‘The Adventure Travel Film Festival’

Hosted by legendary adventure motorcyclist Austin Vince, ‘The Adventure Travel Film Festival’ at the ABR Festival promises to showcase a hand-picked selection of the industry’s best adventure travel films.

Austin began collecting these inspiring adventure films over ten years ago. Although the documentaries he found were produced by largely unknown filmmakers, all of them told inspiring, ‘real-life’ stories that he felt needed sharing.

After gathering an extensive collection of films, he set up ‘The Adventure Travel Film Festival’ to both guarantee a platform for future adventure filmmakers and to bring together the adventure community.

A number of these films will be showing throughout the ABR Festival weekend for visitors to enjoy. So, if you’re looking to leave the festival inspired and amazed, they’ll be no better place.

A full schedule for the ‘The Adventure Travel Film Festival’ will be released shortly.

Find out more about ‘The Adventure Travel Film Festival’ HERE