When will I receive my tickets?

Tickets are sent electronically within 24 hours of placing the order. Please:1. Check your junk mail. 2. If not received within 24 hours of booking and making payment contact [email protected]

Do I need to bring my ticket on the day?

Yes, you must produce a valid ticket either in printed form or on a digital device. Please make sure that the ticket includes the QR code to allow for easy registration.

Can I buy tickets on the day?

Sorry no it’s pre-purchased tickets ONLY. Those arriving without a ticket will be asked to leave.

I have a ticket but I am no longer able to attend. Can I get a refund or transfer my ticket to someone else?

Once tickets have been issued unfortunately we’re unable to offer refunds, and they cannot be transferred to another person.

I am coming for the day in my car (not camping) do I need a car supplement?

If you’re coming on a day ticket you do not require a car supplement in addition.

Are there any age restrictions for entry into the event?

Children under the age of 16 are not charged for entry and are not required to purchase a ticket. Those aged 16 or 17 can only buy a ticket with their parent’s or guardian’s consent, unless the ticket is purchased for them by their parent or guardian. For more information please see terms and conditions on the Buy Tickets page here.

Can I volunteer?

We’re always happy to hear from you, but volunteer opportunities are extremely limited.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome at the ABR Festival however, Ragley Hall has the restrictions that they must be on a lead at all times and they are not allowed in the Hall or the Gardens of the Estate. Due to potentially dangerous algae blooms no dogs are allowed to swim in the lake.

Are children allowed at the Festival?

Yes, under 16s are free and are allowed at the Festival but please bear in mind that the ABR Festival caters predominantly for adult motorcyclists so although children are welcome we do ask that under 16s are supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

I am bringing a camper van. Do I need a supplement as well as the Festival ticket?

Yes, you will need to add a Camper Van supplement (£29.00) when you purchase your ticket.

I am coming in a car but I am camping. Do I need a supplement?

Yes, you will need to add a Car and Trailer supplement (£29.00) when you purchase your ticket.

Do I need to bring a motorbike licence?

Yes you will need a valid motorbike licence to do test rides, trials riding, off road training and to ride the Bridgestone and TRF Trails.

Can I ride at the Festival on a learner licence?
You can ride to the festival on a learners licence, but unfortunately it’s fully road legal bikes and riders only on any of the on-site trails. No L plates, learner or provisional licences will be allowed on the trails.
Can I test ride bikes using an International licence?
This is at each manufacturer’s discretion as they all manage their own test rides; some will accept an international licence but others may not.
Do all bikes have to be road-legal?

Yes, all bikes ridden at the Festival, including on the adventure trail, must be road legal.

Do I need to bring anything with me to do test rides and taster session?

Yes – you’ll need your motorbike licence (some manufacturers will accept international licences) AND you will need either your national insurance number or DVLA check code which you can get from here: https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence . The code is valid for 21 days so create within 21 days of the festival. In addition you will need to have appropriate riding kit (full-face motorcycle helmet, armoured motorcycle jacket, armoured motorcycle trousers, protective motorcycle gloves and motorcycle boots).

Can I come to the Festival on a quad bike?
Yes, providing it’s road legal. However, only motorbikes are allowed on the Bridgestone and TRF Trails.
Can I bring a pillion on my bike?
Yes, providing your pillion has a valid ticket for entry that’s absolutely fine. Pillion riding is not permitted on the Bridgestone or TRF Trails or Off Road Training Zone however there are plenty of superb road rides from the venue.
Do I need to purchase a Trail Access Ticket to ride the trail?
You will need to purchase a Trail Access Ticket if you wish to ride the trail. This is because with a planned increase in the number of riders at the 2023 festival, Ragley Hall have asked that we set a limit on the number of riders who can use the on-site trails to limit environmental damage. In order to administer numbers and carry out reclamation and restoration work after the event, to ride the trails you will need to purchase a ‘Trail Access Ticket’ for £15.
Will I be able to charge my electric bike at the festival?
Yes, a complimentary bike charging station will be available courtesy of Car Charged UK.