If you could gather for a cosy chat around a campfire with your favourite RTW travellers, motorcycle authors, and the riders you follow on social media, what would you ask them? Well you’d better get your thinking cap on, because at the ABR Festival you can do just that. In this intimate setting with armchairs, hay bales and seats you can pull up a chair, kick back, and join in the chat hosted by Simon and Lisa Thomas.


Rob, aka Motobob, has spent the last 5 years building a YouTube channel that showcases the latest and greatest that motorcycling has to offer. Just last year he quit a steady job to go full-time in the unsteady world of content creation. In this campfire talk, he’ll discuss what it takes to make a career out of your passion.


The Missenden Flyer

Andy is a regular sort of chap who loves to ride motorbikes. He’s also managed to grow one of the UK’s most viewed motorcycle YouTube channels, called The Missenden Flyer. Working from his garage and the back lanes of Buckinghamshire and beyond, he has now amassed some 70 million views covering his adventures.

Vanessa Ruck aka The Girl on a Bike

In 2014 Vanessa was hit by a red-light-jumping car while cycling and her life changed. With a 7 year recovery seeing 7 surgeries including 2 reconstructed body parts, it’s been a roller coaster for Vanessa, but through this she discovered motorcycles.  In 2021 Vanessa took on huge challenges competing in Red Bull Romaniacs and Rallye du Marco.
Vanessa is known for sharing her journey with the world. She’s real and honest, showing the rough and the tough days too. It’s a refreshing account to follow and we’re delighted she’ll be back with as at ABR Festival.

The_Girl_On_A_Bike_Riding (18)

The ABR Garage

The ABR Garage team will be leaving the comfort of the studio behind for a live show at the ABR Festival 2022. Bryn and James will be joined by Garage regulars to discuss all things adventure biking. The boys will discuss the pros and cons of the bikes they’ve been test riding lately and provide insights into the making of Adventure Bike Rider magazine.

ABR Garage

Simon and Lisa Thomas

Join Simon and Lisa Thomas, aka 2 Ride the World, in the Harley-Davidson Campfire tent as they chat to some of the most recognisable faces in the adventure biking world.
They’ll be getting the inside scoop from the famous faces, authors and travellers who’ll be hanging out in the Campfire tent each day.

Tiffany Coates

Tiffany Coates is the world’s foremost female motorcycle adventurer having ridden over 300,000 miles, crossing every continent, some of them several times.

She’s travelled just about everywhere and classes her more remote exploits as her favourite journeys, amongst them Timbuctoo, Outer Mongolia, Tibet, Borneo and Madagascar. Tiffany rides a 1992 BMW R 80 GS.

Spencer Conway

Spencer was born in Kenya and raised in Eswatini. He taught at the University of Seychelles for four years before hanging up his suit to become an adventure motorcyclist.

He’s travelled and worked through 134 countries, and his aim is to circumnavigate every continent, including crossing the Darien Gap.

Kane Avellano

Kane Avellano holds the Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to complete the round the world trip both solo and unsupported, on his Triumph Bonneville.

On the way he faced monsoons in India, blistering deserts in Australia and freezing weather in Europe.

Kane Avellano

Matt Bishop and Reece Gilkes

Matt Bishop and Reece Gilkes (AKA The Sidecar Guys) are the first people to ever circumnavigate the globe on a scooter with a sidecar.

They took their plucky Honda SH300i scooter and homemade sidecar 34,000 miles on a Guinness World Record breaking trip.

Ben King

At the age of 17, Ben decided to set off and explore the world on a motorcycle after miraculously surviving a serious car crash in London. He’s now spent the past seven years exploring the globe across Asia, Central and South America, Europe, and North Africa. Most recently he rode overland from London to China via Iran and Pakistan, a journey that took two years to complete. Ben still has a long way to go!

Nathan Millward

A Midlands born rider who took the chance to ride across the world on a 105cc Australian Postal bike, Nathan has been stuck telling the same old story ever since, and we’re happy he does.

Nathan now runs a tour company for adventurous people who want to embark on their own adventures, big or small.

Henry Crew

In 2018, at the age of 22, Henry embarked on a 52,500 mile journey to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle.

During that life-changing trip through 35 countries, he raised over £11,000 for the Movember Foundation to support its work for Men’s Mental Health.

Sam Manicom

With just two months’ experience on a bike, Sam set off to ride the length of Africa. In spite of being shot at, jailed and fracturing 17 bones in an accident, the motorcycle travel bug bit bit him and has never let go.

Elspeth Beard

Elspeth Beard is a motorcyclist and award-winning architect. In 1982, at the age of just 23, she left London and set off on a 35,000 mile solo adventure around the world on her 1974 BMW R60/6 and became one of the first women to do so.

Jack Groves

Aged 22, Jack Groves set out to become the youngest person to ride around the world on a motorcycle.

His trip included a crash on the way to Dover, wildfires in Australia and a global pandemic.

Mick Extance

In 2002, Mick found himself on the start line of his first ever Dakar. It started a love affair with the world’s toughest motorcycle race which saw him race the gruelling event eight times.

Billy Ward

Having worked with Charley Boorman, Ross Noble, The Hairy Bikers, and Simon Pavey, adventure biker Billy has managed to put plenty of miles under his belt. Being a qualified African field guide, he has a passion for Africa and its wildlife. Add motorcycles, broken rules, a touch of Irish humour and Liverpool cheek, and you get the one and only Billy Ward.

Austin Vince

Creator of the now iconic Mondo Enduro motorcycling film, enigmatic adventurer, Austin Vince is a legend of the motorcycling world. He’s ridden the Road of Bones and crossed the Zilov Gap. Not many people can say they’ve done that.

Ken Mc Greevy

Ken is a serving and decorated Irish police detective. He knew diddly squat about motorcycles before being volunteered for a month-long intensive police motorcycle course as a fresh faced newbie over 35 years ago. Ken has remained besotted with motorcycles and adventure travel ever since.

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